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Summer of 1973 – A few families from the Midwest asked a young preacher from the foothills of North Carolina to come start a church in the small town of Washington, Iowa. Larry and Dianne Brown left their home and moved to Iowa where they would help organize the Marion Avenue Baptist Church.


September 1973 – The Marion Avenue Baptist Church was organized. God began doing great things in the small town of Washington, Iowa. Pastor and Mrs. Brown, along with a small group of families, gave God their all so that others could know Christ. The bus ministry began salvaging broken lives and caring for little boys and girls that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to come to church. The presence and Power of God, won souls, convicted hearts, broke chains, repaired homes, and gave all glory to God.


January 2010 – Our beloved Pastor’s wife, Mrs. Dianne Brown, went home to Heaven. Pastor Larry Brown’s heart was broken, but he chose to stay faithful to God and His service. Soon, God began to work in Pastor’s heart about reaching America through worldwide evangelism.


July 2011 – Pastor Larry Brown resigned the Pastorate delving into full-time world evangelism. He is loved and will be missed, but to the glory of God the pulpit of the Marion Avenue Baptist Church will still be located “Under the spout where the glory comes out!”


July 17, 2011 – Joseph Brown, son of Pastor Larry Brown, became the new Pastor of the Marion Avenue Baptist Church. Pastor Joseph Brown has a vision and a passion to shepherd the flock, preach the Word and reach the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Through these wonderful forty-one years, God has led his dear children along. He has blessed in ways innumerable and used this ministry to change thousands of lives. Because of His blessings, the church is continuing to grow and reach Southeast, Iowa for the cause of Christ. The buses are still rolling, the Gospel is still being preached, and lives are still being changed. To God be the glory, the pulpit will remain hot, souls will walk the aisles for salvation, and the baptismal waters will continue to be stirred!


Pastor Joseph Brown was born in 1983, the son of Pastor and Mrs. Larry Brown. He was raised in a Christian home from the time he was an infant. He grew up attending the Marion Avenue Baptist Church. Joseph was saved at the age of six and during his Junior year of high school he surrendered to God’s calling to preach.


After graduating from High school, he attended Oklahoma Baptist College. Upon entering his second year of college he enrolled in Hyles-Anderson College where he would complete his Bachelor of Science Degree in May of 2006. Soon after he graduated from college he was ordained into the ministry as a preacher of the gospel.


Joseph joined the staff at Marion Avenue while attending college. He served as our Assistant Pastor for seven years. Joseph’s father, Pastor Larry Brown, resigned the pastorate to go into full time evangelism in March of 2011. In July of 2011, the church membership overwhelmingly voted Joseph in as our new pastor. Pastor Joseph has a vision for Southeast Iowa, and for the world. In addition to the pastorate, He is the founder of the Our Time Youth Conference which reaches hundreds of young people for Christ. He has a tremendous burden for the next generation. We are thrilled that God led him to this ministry.


Pastor Joseph Brown and his wife Charity have one son, Aaron and three daughters, Hannah, Lydia, & Abigail.




Every Sunday the Marion Avenue Baptist Church is filled with excitement! Our main service times are at 10:45 AM and 6:30 PM. Both of these services contain inspiring music, and life-changing Bible preaching.



10:00 AM Classes for All Ages

10:45 AM Morning Service

11:00 AM Servicio en Español

2:30 PM Servicio en Español

6:30 PM Evening Service



Every Wednesday evening the Marion Avenue Baptist Church holds a Bible study in the main auditorium. This service time also contains inspiring music and the Bible study is a help to all who attend.



7:00 PM Estudio Bíblico

7:00 PM Bible Study


Preaching Services

Through the practical, life-changing, Bible preaching, families are encouraged, needs are being met, and lives are being changed. At every service God’s Word is opened and boldly proclaimed. At every service we also have our team of singers and musicians gather to honor the Lord through music. We offer free first-class nurseries for every service.


Meet the staff of Marion Avenue 


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    Pastor Randy Bingham graduated from Providence Baptist College in 2002. Bro. Bingham came on staff at Marion Avenue in 2012. Pastor Randy and his wife Nelly, have three children: Corban, Isabella, and Madeleine.


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    Michael grew up at Marion Avenue serving faithfully in the various ministries of the church. Upon completion of Bible college, he married his lovely wife Bekah. They served in churches in Indiana and Oregon before coming home to Marion Avenue. God is using the Griswolds greatly in the role of Assistant Pastor.


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    Pastor Joseph Brown is the son of former Pastor, Larry Brown. Joseph grew up at Marion Avenue and was involved in various ministries of the church throughout his childhood and teen years.  Upon graduating Bible College, he married his sweet heart Charity Epley. They have been blessed with 4 children, Aaron, Hannah, Lydia, Abigail. Joseph has been serving on staff at Marion Avenue for 10 years. In 2011 Joseph became our senior Pastor.




    Dan Woodward has been the bus director for Marion Avenue for over 30 years. He and his wife, Mary Jane have two grown sons, Justin & John.




    Michael grew up at Marion Avenue serving faithfully in the various ministries of the church. Upon completion of Bible college, he married his lovely wife Bekah. They served in churches in Indiana and Oregon before coming home to Marion Avenue. God is using the Griswolds greatly in the role of Assistant Pastor.


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    Michael grew up at Marion Avenue serving faithfully in the various ministries of the church. Upon completion of Bible college, he married his lovely wife Bekah. They served in churches in Indiana and Oregon before coming home to Marion Avenue. God is using the Griswolds greatly in the role of Assistant Pastor.


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Calendar of events in 2016 for Marion Avenue Baptist Church


Here are some of our many ministries


    24 - Sacred Duty Sunday

    27 - Guest Speaker

    29 - All Night Prayer


    4-5 - Dwight Tournament

    6 - Mid Winter Youth Revival

    7 - Vision Night

    12 - Teen Valentine Banquet

    13 - Adult Valentine Banquet

    14 - RIGHTrelationships Sunday

    17 - Church-Wide Bible Memorization Launch

    21 - HISWORDmyheart Teen Challenge

    21 - Workers Protocol Meeting (After Church)

    26 - MABC Warriors Senior Night

    27 - Ushers/Greeters Training

    27 - Pastor’s Mighty Men of Prayer

    28 - Music Ministry Meeting

    28 - Parent/Teen Meeting (After Church)


    4 - Tournament Pep Rally

    5 - BB/VB Tournament - Dr. Terry Anglea

    6 - ABF leadership Meeting (After Service)

    9 - PeeWee Club Anniversary Party

    13 - Time Change Sunday (Spring Forward)

    13 - Our Time Strategy/Budget Meeting

    18 - Sports Award Banquet

    19 - Saturday Seminar #1 Bus Ministry Training

    20 - Teen Church Re-Launch

    20 - Bus Ministry Transformation Launch

    20 - Bus Ministry Meeting (After Church)

    20-23 Spanish Family Conference

    23 - New Members Fellowship (After Church)

    23 - Bus Ministry Spring Program Launch

    27 - Easter @ Marion Avenue (ABF Big Day)

    (Evening service)

    27 - Jolly 60’s Easter Dinner (New Monthly Meeting)


    1 - All Night Prayer Meeting for Our Time

    2- Saturday Seminar #2 -REACHtheREGION

    3 - Wk #1 Bus Spring Program

    10 - Wk #2 Bus Spring Program

    17 - Wk #3 Bus Spring Program

    18-20 - Our Time Work Days

    20 - Our Time Prayer Service

    21-22 - National Our Time Youth Conference

    24 - Wk #4 Bus Spring Program

    29-30 - Ladies Meeting with Mrs. Charity

  • MAY

    1 - Wk #1 ABF Spring Program

    1 - ABF Home Fellowship Night (Early Service)

    8 - Wk #2 ABF Spring Program/Mothers Day

    14 - Senior Day Activity

    14 - Saturday Seminar #3 H.O.M.E

    15 - Wk #3 ABF Spring Program

    21 - Homeschool Graduation

    22 - Wk #4 ABF Spring Program/“Friend Day” (Dinner on the Grounds)

    27-28 - Purposed Life Singles Retreat

    29 - Spring Program Awards Sunday

    29 - Patch the Pirate Club Launch

    31 - ABF Nights @ the Ballpark (Adults & Children)

  • JUNE

    4 - Saturday Seminar #4 MABCSA

    5 - Bus Ministry Meeting (After Church)

    6-10 - Primary/Junior Camp CRBC

    11 - Wild Cat Den Activity (Welcome 7th Graders)

    19 - Fathers Day @ Marion Avenue (ABF Big Day)

    19 - Bus Soccer Tournament

    19 - ABF Leadership Meeting (After Church)

    24-25 - Singles Camp CRBC

    29 - Teen Soulwinning

  • JULY

    1 - Family Day CRBC

    3 - Patriotic Sunday (Picnic and Fireworks)

    9 - Saturday Seminar #5 Marriage & Family

    10 - LACP Vision Meeting (After Church)

    12-14 - Youth Conference - First Baptist

    17 - Bus Water Wars Sunday

    17 - 5th Year Pastoral Anniversary

    18-22 - Teen Camp CRBC

    22-23 - Ladies Retreat

    25-29 - Volleyball Camp

    29 - Ragbrai Outreach

    31 - B Ministry Leadership Meeting


    6 - Sat. Seminar #6 ABF Training (Gabe Rhul)

    7 - Honoring College Students Sunday

    7 - ABF Leadership Meeting (After Church)

    8-12 - Football Camp

    14 - Rodeo Sunday

    14 - New Members Fellowship (After Church)

    16 - All Night Prayer Meeting for Missions Conference

    19-20 - Men & Boys Retreat

    20 - Saturday Seminar #6 Financial Peace & Addictions

    25-28 - Missions Conference (Midweek moved to Thursday)

    27 - International Dinner

    31 - Teen Soulwinning


    3 - Special Youth Activity

    4 - Faith Promise Pledges

    8 - All Night Prayer Meeting for Revival

    11 - Bus Ministry Carnival Workers Meeting (After Church)

    17 - Bus Ministry Carnival

    18 - Homecoming Anniversary Sunday (ABF Anniversary & Big Day)

    19-21 - Revival & Renewal Conference

    25 - Bible Readers Party (After Church)

    27 - BB/VB Fall Season Launch


    2 - Baby Dedication Sunday

    2 - LACP Prayer Service (Evening)

    7-8 - Ignite Youth Conference

    9 - LACP Action Meeting

    15 - Hay Rack Ride

    16 - Teen Sunday

    19 - Teen Corn Maze Activity

    27-30 - Spanish Revival

    30 - Local Heroes Sunday (ABF Big Day - Public Servants/Veterans)

    30 - Bi-Lingual Evening Service

    31 - Children's Fall Party


    1 - LACP Recordings Begin

    4 - BB/VB Fall Season Ends

    6 - II. Chron. 7:14 Sunday (Time Change)

    6 - ABF Leadership Meeting (After Church)

    8 - United States Presidential Election

    13 - B Ministry Leadership Meeting

    19 - LACP Part Play Practice

    20 - LACP Pie Auction

    24 - Thanksgiving

    25 - Christmas Parade

    28 - LACP Work Day

    29 - LACP Rehearsal #1

    30 - LACP Rehearsal #2


    1 - LACP Rehearsal #3

    2 - LACP Rehearsal #4

    4 - Bus Ministry Leadership Meeting (After Church)

    5 - LACP Rehearsal #5

    6 - LACP Rehearsal #6 (“Last practice”)

    7 - Midweek Moved to Tuesday


    10-11 - LACP MAIN SHOWS 11AM, 2PM, 5PM

    14 - Teen Christmas Party

    18 - ABF Christmas Party Sunday

    21 - Christmas Candle Light Service

    23 - Bus Gifts Service (Friday Morning)

    25 - Special Christmas Day Service Schedule

    28 - Watch Night Service

    31 - New Years Eve Activity



    Children's Ministry

    Welcome to “Kid’s Crusaders”, the children’s ministry of Marion Avenue! It is so exciting to see what the Lord is doing in our church and in the lives of children.


    Our Time Youth Conference

    This is a youth conference hosted by the Marion Avenue Baptist Church of Washington, Iowa. We are a Biblical, Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church. We believe in one Bible, the King James Bible.  We believe in old-fashioned Bible preaching, teaching and Christ honoring music.


    Bus Ministry

    Every week hundreds of children, teenagers and adults choose to ride one of our buses to church. Here we offer Sunday School classes for every age group with trained teachers who address the specific needs and struggles of their class.





    Youth Ministry

    The teen years can be confusing, difficult, and challenging! But they can also be awesome! Through Sunday classes, weekly outreach, annual trips, retreats, and programs, the teens at Marion Avenue are challenged and equipped to live for Christ.





    Marion Avenue is blessed to have a very active music program. In addition to regular congregational singing, each service we are blessed to have two music specials by various groups and two choir specials by our fifty voice choir.



    Over the past three decades, Marion Avenue Baptist Church has supported many mission works throughout the world. Marion Avenue Baptist currently supports more than 100 missionaries who are taking the gospel of Christ throughout the world.



    The Marion Avenue nursery facility is an up-to-date, clean nursery. We have an all female nursery staff that is well trained in keeping your child happy and safe during your visit. Any children, one month through thirty-six months, are allowed in our nursery.





    Senior Saints

    Our Senior Citizens ministry is more affectionately known as the “Jolly Sixties”. Every Sunday morning the “Jolly Sixties” class meets at 10:00am for a time of refreshment and studying God’s Word.





    Since 1973, thousands of people have trusted Christ as their personal Saviour through our services, classes, and ministries. Each week many of our members participate in volunteer community outreach throughout Southeast Iowa.


    Spanish Ministry

    Iglesia Bautista Marion Avenue has a full Spanish church program. We have Sunday school and two services on Sunday and a midweek service on Wednesday night.







The thing that drew us to this church in the first place was it's heart for the lost! We've never seen anything like it before!  We have found friends here and true meaning in life!  We love this church and it's people and wouldn't trade it for anything!


Ebersole Family; Wellman, Iowa

Marion Avenue Baptist Church is more than a Church, it is a family. Never have we been to a place that is more friendly. We are loved and cared for and most importantly, fed from the word of God.  It's a little piece of Heaven on Earth. We are so thankful that we get to raise our boys under the teachings/preaching of Pastor Joseph Brown.


J & R Fear; Cedar Rapids, Iowa


215 South Marion Avenue
Washington, Iowa


Tel   : 855.825.4113

 MABC is a little "Paradise On Earth" for us. This amazing church accepts anybody with love and friendship. Not only do we have solid Gospel messages week after week from our young Preacher Brown, but we can enjoy good, old-time music, lots of exciting events and an abundance of caring and loyal friends.


P. Frier; Washington, Iowa

We love this church because it is still teaching and standing on the same Biblical truths it did 40 yrs ago. It's a place where you are taught how to build strong Christian families and marriages. We have made so many wonderful friends here!  It's a church that's alive and that has a burden for the lost.


J & B Hammes; Fairfield, Iowa




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